Two deamons and a space witch. Myymälä2 Helsinki Finland. 2011 Oil and acrylics and ink on paper. In collaboration with Christian Tony Norum

Myymälä2 2011 Helsinki Finland. Oil and acrylics on canvas, 4.60 m X 1.85 m. Collaboration with Christian Tony Norum

Tegnebiennalen 2010 Moss Norway. Wallpainting.

Arrow suit-3. 2010

Arrow suit-2. 2009 collaboration with performance artist Tori Wrånes

Arrow suit-1. 2008

Cluster 2009 spraypaint on wood.

Skeleton in wooden box, Stenersen museum 2009 wood, motor, plastic, textile, electronics and sensor. made with help from Gregoire Rousseau.

Gold in the end of the rainbow, Stenersen museum 2009

Boat, shoes and tree with square cat, Stenersen museum 2009 wood, paint, shoes, flag, polyuretain and sensor

The starving artist 2004 human skeleton, plaster, drawing on paper, metal wire etc.